Local twins overcome adversity to thrive at Frontenac High School


High school can be a challenge for any teenager, not to mention those battling a disability. But, that’s not holding back a local brother and sister.

Blindness hasn’t held fraternal twins Blaze and Mia Perry back from a typical high school experience at this Southeast Kansas high school.

In fact, they take part in extra-curricular activities, too — like band.

The twins have been attending school in Frontenac since kindergarten, and for the most part, they can get along on their own, but there certain times of day they have to have help.

In the case of Mia, it’s her friend Emily.

“During choir, we all come into the classroom and sit on the risers and there’s people everywhere, so that’s when Emily kind of helps me a lot with guiding me around all the people so I can get to the risers and find my spot easily,” Mia Perry explained.

Emily says she knows Perry would do the same thing for her if the roles were reversed.

“It just makes me feel happy because knowing that people are always going to be there to help you is a good feeling,” said Reams.

“Especially when we’re going from the lunch line and everything, because I do not want to carry a tray of food around and not see where I’m going,” Mia Perry added.

Meanwhile, Blaze says help from Brayden Dauben allows him to safely navigate the weight room.

“I don’t think I’d be able to do most things in weights without them–like I do do some things, but most of them I couldn’t do without them,” said Blaze Perry.

Brayden Dauben, Frontenac High School Senior
“Well, I was just enjoying this class and then I needed a partner to share a locker with, and I decided to go with Blaze and ever since then, we became partners,” Dauben added.

Teacher Barbara Zimmerman says it’s nothing short of heartwarming to see students helping each other.

“It’s just second nature to them,” Zimmerman explained. “They’ve done it so long, but they don’t even think about it, but for someone on the outside to see it, it’s just awesome.”

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