Local t-shirt designers have grand opening for store


Before starting their company, owners Stacey and Penny had careers in social work.

In 2017, they combined their passion of business and giving back to the community to create a graphic t-shirt design company, Live What You Love, LLC.

Now, the company is wholesale which means the clothing is sold to stores across the country, but the owners wanted to keep the brand true to local customers. So, they bought a store front where people can come in and shop. 

Live What You Love, LLC owner Stacey Peek says, “We just did an online Facebook group, so people could buy out t-shirts, but then we added boutique items and we slowly grew, so this was kind of our way- we had to have a facility for production to keep up with the wholesale, so we thought again, why not have a store front where locals can come in and buy our products.”

The store will be open on Thursdays from 10 am to 6 pm. There is also a private Facebook group where people can buy online. To see the group, click here.

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