Local senator looks to level the playing field in Missouri civil lawsuits


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI–Bill White, who is an attorney by trade, is the state senator in Missouri’s 32nd District. He says his top priority in the upcoming session deals with the issue of punitive damages, or damages exceeding compensation to punish the defendant.

He says it would call for a jury to hear a civil lawsuit case, and if they find for the defendant, they would would then decide on the punitive portion of the case.

He thinks it would better level the playing field for everyone involved.

“Coming into the state, if you were considering opening your business, it gives you the assurance that you’re not going to get this claim for punitive damages–which cannot be covered by insurance without proof, so it does create a better business climate to attract people into our state and for people continuing to do business in our state,” White explained.

White says he plans on pre-filing the legislation before the start of the legislative session in January.

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