Local schoolchildren observe National Walk and Bike to School Day by biking to school instead of riding on a bus


JOPLIN, Mo. — Some local students hit the road today for “National Walk and Bike to School” day.

Several Cecil Floyd Elementary students are part of a regular “bike bus”. They travel together from their neighborhood to school, under adult supervision.

Christina Williams is a parent, and says they look forward to the trip. They also get a little fresh air in the process.

“I’d just like to encourage other families to get out and ride if you’ve got bikes. You can, you can ride places instead of driving in your car. It’s better for the planet and you get a little exercise along the way,” said Christina Williams, Cecil Floyd Parent.

The kids also had something to say.

“Instead of just sitting down in like a bus or something, you can actually get a little bit of activity in your life,” said Lily Graddy, Cecil Floyd Student.

“Riding to school, I mean, you can get a lot more energy than just sitting in a bus and riding to school,” said Jace Porter, Cecil Floyd Student.

“You should ride your bike every day and get good exercise and fresh air,” said Lola Graddy, Cecil Floyd Student.

“It’s also much better than a bus because it’s like windows all around you,” said Greyson Winsett, Cecil Floyd Student.

“It’s fun because you get to get more exercise and just ride,” said Jaxon Ward, Cecil Floyd Student.

They call this the “Bike Bus” since it takes the place of the traditional bus trip to school. The students started it at the beginning of the school year and plan to continue as long as weather permits.

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