President-elect Donald Trump said he wanted to get rid of the plan entirely while on the campaign trail. After the election, he said he wanted to keep some of it in tact.
Recently, he went back to saying he wanted to gut it entirely. While Trump continues to go back and forth on the plan, those recieving health care from it want to make sure there is something to replace if it gets repealed.
A group of concerned citizens took to Rangeline this morning to urge lawmakers to make sure there is some kind of plan to replace it.
“There’s a lot of provisions in the Affordable Care Act that have been very beneficial to the health of so many and it is really important that we can continue to to let people know what’s working. To repeal without replacement would be reckless,” explained Dottie Elbert of Missouri Healthcare For All.
If the plan is repealed, as many as 32 million Americans stand to lose the only healthcare they have by 2026.