Local Police Officer seeing fishing tournament success


CARTHAGE, Mo. — You might not think a career in law enforcement and a day on the lake with a rod and reel have much in common.

But they’re each a big focus for a local police officer whose getting a bit of crossover from his day job to his favorite hobby.

Chad Allison, Fisherman/Cop, said, “I’ve been fishing since I was about three years old. My dad started taking me to farm ponds.”

Since then, there’s been more than two decades in law enforcement, currently with the Carthage Police Department.

But his off hours are all about a lake, a rod, and a reel.

“I used to always watch Bassmasters on TV and be like, I want to be there. Then FLW came along and I really, I think I can do this.”

Sponsors helped him enter a lot of tournaments, using even more tackle and bait.

It all led to the Allison’s A-Jakk and two national championships in the FLW Toyota series.

“I designed a jig head that goes on an Alabama rig which is kind of a popular new way to catch fish now.”

Allison teamed up with Bud’s Bait and Tackle in Joplin and Jakked Baits in Springfield to sell the A-rig head.

The blue line design helps it catch a customer’s eye.

Raymond Dunaway, Bud’s Bait, said, “They want to buy local. And so for them to have a local guy that has worked hard and share his secret if you will with the community has just been one of those feel good type of stories.”

For now, Allison’s a full time officer and a part time fisherman.

But he hopes his tackle helps change the equation.

“My ultimate dream at some point is to be able to retire from that and fish on a full time basis,” said Allison.

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