Local non-profits had to improvise because of the spike in COVID-19 cases


JOPLIN, MO – A spike in COVID-19 cases has a few Joplin non-profits improvising. But for one, it’s a case of “been there, done that.”

“Right about now we could use hand sanitizer, we could use some masks, uh Lysol Spray, Lysol Wipes, we could use all of that right now, any extra would help.” Says Dianna Gurley, Executive Director, Souls Harbor.

Call it COVID round 2 at Souls Harbor.

The first happened in July of last year when a total of 15 people tested positive.

But on Monday of this week, the first of 13 client positive cases was finally diagnosed.

“We sent him to the hospital three times and it took that 3rd trip for it to actually show up positive, so if you’re sick, separate yourself from everybody and keep that distance, keep that mask on and stay away from folks, even if it says negative, try and do it anyway.” Gurley says.

Fortunately, only one has had to be hospitalized.

“Our staff is 100% shot, so they’re all doing very well, we have no outbreak with them, but we do have among our clients, so I do want to say, if you haven’t got your shot, I implore you to go get your shots, we’re evidence right here that shots work, our staff is good, our clients are getting sick.” Gurley says.

To isolate sick clients from healthy, they’ve been moved down the street into the chapel and nearby free store.

But it’s not just Souls Harbor.

“As we’ve had residents that are positive, we’ve quarantined them, which for us initially for our residents that meant quarantining them in a hotel, which then we shifted to quarantining here in a room.” Says Doug Gamble, Watered Gardens Outreach Center Director.

The Respite Room at the Watered Gardens is designed for patients to recover in before they can get back out on their own, has helped that ministry over its recent cases.

And the Salvation Army has been busy feeding other COVID positive cases.

“And lately we have been taking, delivering food to Sunrise Inn for the homeless that have been quarantined.” Says Melissa Conrad, Salvation Army Case Worker.

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