JOPLIN, Mo. — Youth turkey season is set to commence this weekend in the State of Missouri.

It’s something that’s taken place in Missouri since 2001 — and gives kids, ages 6 to 15, a two-week head start on the spring turkey season. Youngsters will be permitted to hunt from a half-hour before sunrise to sunset on both Saturday and Sunday.

“The more people we can get outdoors and say ‘wow this is really great, I’ve developed a new appreciation for it.’ I mean that’s not what they’ll say but on a subliminal level that’s what they’re thinking. So the more people we can get outdoors seeing how wonderful the outdoors are, the more people we have caring for the outdoors and hopefully that means the better the outdoors will be,” said Francis Skalicky-Media Specialist Missouri Department of Conservation.

The regular spring turkey season for all hunters runs from April 18th through May 8th.