Wyandotte Nation gets in touch with heritage via special seminar

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WYANDOTTE, Okla. — Wyandotte Nation reflects on its heritage making moccasins, something their ancestors used centuries ago.

Tribal members were taught how to make moccasins through a special seminar.

The shoe is made with deerskin or soft leather and it is been used by people from all across the world.

Participants worked with felt, learning the proper way to make a pattern sewing stitches.

Saturday, they learned the original stages to make a moccasin.

It can take up to six hours to make one in its entirety with its intricate bead work.

Marilyn Young of Wyandotte Nation says, “[They] couldn’t go to the store and buy shoes so they had to make their own. And animals were around so they would just take the animal hide and make their own shoes and every tribe kind of had their own style.”

Next year, there are plans to offer more moccasin classes.

Wyandotte Nation will launch a share to cost program.

This would allow the tribe to pay a percentage for materials to make moccasins using actual hide.

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