JOPLIN, MO. — An increase in public and mass shootings has prompted one local hospital to discuss the emergency response, if such a terrible event were to happen in the four states.

Tuesday afternoon (7/19), Freeman Health System hosted an emergency response workshop led by Freeman’s Health and Safety Officer.

Several agencies including the Joplin Police Department, Newton County Sheriff’s Office and METS ambulance gave presentations on the topic of mass casualty event preparedness.

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Those in attendance say the valuable information gained from the workshop could one day save lives.

“I think it’s very timely right now. Obviously there has been a lot of things in our society that have happened recently that have this at the front of everyone’s mind. It’s important for us to prepare for these types of situations, so that if it were to ever occur in our community, we’re able to provide the very best care to our patients and the people that present to the hospitals,” said Jeanee Kenndy, the Chief Nursing Officer for Freeman Health System.

“Something that happens in a small town elsewhere could easily happen here, you just never know, so it’s just good to work together, be prepared, have a plan and keep those conversations and training going on,” said Captain Trevor Duncan with the Joplin Police Department.

Today’s workshop was designed to bring emergency response agencies together, in case of a mass casualty event occurring locally.