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The City of Goodman is applying for federal assistance from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) to create a trail path and an ADA-compliant parking area near Goodman Elementary School.

“When they let school out, there’s no place for them to go,” Goodman mayor J.R. Fisher explained. “So they walk all the way down and around with the buses and the parent pick-up and everything to get to the west side of town.”

Inside a resolution, the city will commit funds to match no less than twenty percent of the grant. The engineering fees of the trails will come out of the twenty percent. If awarded the grant from RTP, the city is responsible for maintaining public access to the trail for at least twenty-five years.

“They can be out of the traffic and have their own designated trail to get where they need to be and not in the high traffic area,” Fisher adds.

The city is partnering with a transportation planner named Ryan Cooper from the Harry S. Truman Coordinating Council. The group will administrate the grant process and provide grant writings, free of charge.

“We just hit the jackpot here and the kids and future kids of Goodman are going to benefit from this,” says Goodman’s Southward Alderman Beth Hallmark.

The application for the federal grant is due Friday, February 14th.
Officials say they will find out if the funds are approved by the beginning of Fall 2020 and could have the funds as early as this time next year. The engineering of the trail is included in the grant process.

Building the trail near the school is the first phase towards creating a new and improved Goodman. Afterward, the plan is to build multiple walking trails and crosswalks as well as a biking trail in the city.

“If we keep plugging away we’re gonna have plenty of trails, plenty of access from the ball field all the way down here to the southwest portion of the town,” Hallmark says.

A map of the potential trails has been made by Cooper. The trails are predicted to be between 5 to 10 miles.

“When a city takes steps that we’re taking it shows that we are willing and ready to grow,” Hallmark explains, “This will be much more attractive to businesses of all sizes to take a closer look at Goodman to see that this might be a really good place for them to set up shop.”

The city will post town updates on its Facebook page.

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