Wildcat Glades event educates residents on bee-friendly landscaping

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Families grab PVC piping and party straws in hopes of helping out the native bee population.

The Wildcat Glades Friends Group held a bee hotel DIY class Saturday at the Conservation Education Center.

Visitors learned about the 450 bees native to Missouri and how their population has been declining.

These native bees can’t survive in a lawn landscape, but need native plants and stems to live and populate.

Volunteers hope creating these hotels and placing them in backyards will not only raise awareness, but help make a small difference in saving the bees.

Val Frankoski of the Wildcat Glades Friends Group, says, “Awareness of solitary bees is something that is on the down low. We want people to know about them, not be afraid of bees, and be interested in them because pollination counts for one of three bites of food that we eat.”

The friends group’s next event will be the annual fundraiser pictures with Joplin’s favorite rabbit, Trevor.

It will take place March 21st at the Joplin Empire Market.

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