JOPLIN, Mo. — The price you pay at the pump continues to fall, after reaching an all-time average high of $5.02, just a few weeks ago.

All across the country, the pain at the pump is easing.

Those paying the least for a gallon of unleaded are right here in the four states.

Currently, the average price nation-wide is $4.54, which is down 32-cents over the last two weeks, or 55-cents over the previous month-and-a-half.

Today (7/28), the online website GasBuddy said Joplin drivers are paying an average of $3.48 per gallon of unleaded.

The cheapest location in Joplin: Sam’s Club, at $3.41.

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According to AAA, the usual high summer demand for fuel has dropped, as well as the price of oil, leading to the recent decline in gas prices.

However, you might not want to get to comfortable with current gas price trends.

AAA said that fuel costs could head in the opposite direction at any time, due to the volatility of the global oil market and tensions between Russia and Ukraine.