WEBB CITY, Mo. — Webb City is hitting the five-year mark for the city use tax with an impact that’s far outpacing the original plan.

Voters approved the two-and-a-half-cent tax in August of 2017 with an estimate of collecting $60,000 or $70,000 every year.

It was just $5,000 when the first check came in that December, a monthly number that’s grown to more than $67,000 since last February.

Revenue passed the $1 million mark last year allowing the city to tackle extra road work and stay competitive with pay raises.

“We would not have been able to give our employees the raises they’ve received in the last three years, and the use tax amounts, the use tax amounts have been surprising. I have to admit, our estimates were way low on what the use tax would collect. It is still collecting above our expectation,” said Carl Francis, WC City Admin.

If the current growth trend holds, Webb City is on track to collect more than 650 thousand dollars in use tax revenue this fiscal year.