WEBB CITY, Mo. — A local high school student has his own local business.

Today was the grand opening of Mr. Freeze, a snowcone business owned and operated by Alex Martin, a senior at Webb City High School.

About two months ago, he purchased his building near Newman’s Auto Sales, across the street from Walgreens in Webb City. Since then, he’s invested about $13,000.

He began the process of replacing everything in the building and getting the necessary licenses.

Today, he opened his shop for the first time.

“I just saw the building and I was like, might as well. It was a lot, with like the electricity I had to do, all new electricity and stuff. My cousin came down from Oklahoma City but Mr. Newman let us put a new outlet in his shop so we did all that,” said Alex Martin, Owner, Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Freeze celebrated the grand opening with free snowcones until 8 P.M. Monday evening.

They’re also giving away free snow cones on the 4th of July to all first responders and service members.