WEBB CITY, Mo. — Webb City Officials are hoping to change the City’s current firework ordinance.

Right now Webb City has an ordinance banning aerial fireworks in the city limits during the Fourth of July.

The City Manager, Police Chief, and Fire Chief have discussed and are on board with getting rid of the ban because it’s hard to enforce. They want City Council to think about the possibility of banning fireworks if conditions are dry and it is too dangerous to shoot them off.

“One benefit is police officers wouldnt get 250 calls on the Fourth of July for people wishing to report their next door neighbors for shooting off a bottle rocket or some type of rocket type fireworks that leave the ground. Technically all aerials even the little spinners would be illegal under our aerial fireworks. It would let the officers focus on what truly is a hazard when people are acting dangerously with fireworks,” said Carl Francis, Webb City City Adminstrator.

Francis says if City Council is interested in changing the ordinance they hope to change it before July Fourth.