WEBB CITY, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri bridge is undergoing some repairs following heavy rain earlier this year.

Last April, heavy rain washed out the surrounding gravel and damaged the under carriage of the Chesterfield Bridge in Webb City, softening the road structure. It is now under construction and 7th Street is closed to traffic.

Construction began April 12th to reset the structure with concrete supports to prevent future water damage. The plan is to have the bridge open by Thursday and it is scheduled to be completely re-paved this summer.

“It wasn’t really the force of water going through it, it was the turbulence afterwards that came around, back behind it. It really ate the foundation out underneath it. That’s why it’s had to be closed. We hope to have it open by Thursday probably,” said Carl Francis, City Administrator.

Webb City officials say the bridge will be covered in gravel temporarily until it is re-paved.