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The Granby Volunteer Group is making an effort for a cleaner community by picking up tires for those who can’t and haul them out of town. On Tuesday, the founder of the group, Reggie Bard and her husband Dave collected more than 25 tires before noon.

“I’m trying to do anything that I can do to help improve the looks of our community,” Bard says.

According to Bard, there isn’t a place in Granby for people to recycle or dispose of tires after use.

“They stack up and they cause a lot of eyesores, a lot of mosquito inhabitation and just you know the toxicity of having tires laying around,” she explains.

To prevent the spread of disease, volunteers are collecting and picking up tires, once a week, until the weekend before Memorial Day. Afterward, Bard and her husband will haul the tires to Oklahoma and give them to the “Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma” for disposal.

Bard says, “We all need to remember that we’re all a part of the human race and the more we can get along the better we are. This is just my way of giving back to humanity to my fellow neighbors to try to bring a community closer.”

The group is collecting all types of tires except semi-truck and tractor tires. If the group collects a tire with a rim, they are allowed to bring it to “Jackson Family Tire” on West Valley Street in Granby. For free, the tire company will take off the tire and break down the rim. The iron from the rim will be exchanged for money. All funds will go towards the volunteer group.

“I’ve met some of the most salt of the Earth people,” Bard express, “Folks are really coming together as neighbors and as a community trying to help folks who can’t.”

To learn more about the Granby Volunteer Group and its effort to clean up the community, click here.

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