Weapon fired at gas station, then parties involved sped off before police arrived

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One vehicle was at a pump and another vehicle came up behind it firing a "LOUD SHOT," one witness told us

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin News First received numerous tips shortly after 7:00 pm Friday evening, all with information that a weapon was fired at the gas station, 4302 South Main. Upon our arrival Joplin Police officers were investigating the incident.

Sgt Travis Hayes tells us that they were reviewing security camera from the store.

It occurred under the canopy. One vehicle was at a pump and another vehicle came up behind it firing a “LOUD SHOT,” one witness told us and asking to not be identified. It appeared the two vehicles had some sort of beef.

Of the two alleged vehicles involved both had left the scene before police arrived. So there were no involved parties to talk with regarding the incident.

We asked Sgt Hayes if there really was a weapon fired? “It appears so, according to all the witnesses.” He then turns and points up high at the Phillips 66 sign, that is black and grey in color with numerous holes peppered showing through clear light. “I think that’s it honestly right there.”

The sign could have possibly been struck by the shotgun blast. The gun was pointed in the general direction Sgt Hayes tells us. There’s no solid evidence though. The clerk told us she had never noticed the holes in the sign.

On the footage he says they looked like two newer cars, the lighting is way off on the security cameras and it’s hard to see the license plates. “If anything happened here we don’t know who was involved. But as far as we know nobody was hurt,” The only charge could be at this point? Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

The investigation into the incident continues. We’ll release more information as it becomes available from the Joplin Police Department.

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