WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Webb City School District is in for a change in leadership.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kevin Cooper announced he will retire from his position later this year. That date is set for December, giving him time to help train his replacement. Cooper has been in education for more than 30 years and says while it’s time to go, it was a very tough decision to make.

“Between the kids I get to come and see every day that I still refer to as my kids and we just have an amazing staff that has really taken care of me for all these years. And then we’ve got this great relationship, that’s really the tough part about leaving is just the relationships you’ve built with your students and your staff,” said Dr. Cooper.

Cooper started in education in Ozark, Missouri and also worked for a few years in the Carthage School District.

He’s been with the Webb City School District for 23 years.