Watered Gardens hosts annual Thanksgiving dinner

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A smaller gathering is better than no gathering at all.

That holds true for an annual holiday celebration at one Joplin ministry today.

There may have been fewer people in attendance than in years past, but that didn’t stop the annual Watered Gardens Ministries Thanksgiving event from happening.

It starts with praise and worship in the chapel and concludes downstairs with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Ritchie Schmid, Watered Gardens resident, said it truly is the thought that counts.

“And we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, so uh family you know, is all around you and says in the Bible, I believe it’s Proverbs it says it’s better to get close to a neighborhood instead of a relative far away, so we’re family right here,” Schmid said.

The main difference is that this year’s event was only for residents, usually they open it up to the entire community.

Doug Gamble is the Outreach Center Director for Watered Gardens Ministries.

“Yeah, I think in a year when a lot of things have been canceled, I think it’s really important that we’re able to do something and be able to celebrate Thanksgiving in a way for folks who uh this is their home and so really, like a lot of folks will be gathering a bit differently, we too are gathering for Thanksgiving,” Gamble said.

For some occupants in the outreach center, it will be the only Thanksgiving they have.

Some don’t have any family left and others may be estranged from their family members.

Daniel Corral is excited to help make the meal, which is his way of paying it forward for everything the ministry did for him.

“And we’re doing it because it’s our way of to show love for one and other, Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as well as ourselves and what other better way is to do that is break bread together, I’ve done a full circle, I was on that side, now I’m on this side and I’m so grateful and thankful for it and this is the season to show that,” Corral said.

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