Wanted man refuses to cooperate with police in local sporting goods store, K-9 used to retrieve him

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◽️ Second time this week an off-duty officer spotted a known subject. ◽️ This time a subject is wanted on multiple felony warrants from multiple states. ◽️ In custody now, Miles M. Mittag, 40, of Galena.  
(64804) — Sgt William Davis of the Joplin Police Department fills us in Tuesday evening.

Sgt Davis: An off-duty officer saw a subject who had an active felony warrant. We observed him get out of his truck and go into Academy. Officers arrived to the area get set up and go into the store looking for him. Found him, he refused commands, resisted arrest, and we apprehended him with the use of a police K-9

Shannon Becker: Let me get this right. You took the K-9 inside the store to get the guy?

Sgt Davis: (acknowledging yes), Inside the store, with a police K-9.

Shannon Becker: So the dog must have bit him he looked pretty bloody coming outside.

Sgt Davis: He was checked by EMS on the scene and we’re going to take him to the hospital to make sure get him checked out and treated. Then he will go to jail. I believe he has active felony warrants I believe out of Missouri , Kansas and Oklahoma. #JoplinNewsFirst #KSN16 #KODE12

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