Vernon County Meat Partnership looking to implement a meat processing plant

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VERNON COUNTY, Mo. — While one county ranks high in the state for producing meat, they don’t have adequate processing facilities. So one group is looking to change that.

Vernon County nearly has four times the amount of cattle than they have humans, but when it comes to processing meat locally, there’s issues.

“There’s a lot of locally produced meat, but there’s not a lot, there’s hardly any processed meat. We’re one of the largest meat producing counties in the state of Missouri, but there’s no place, no local place to process,” said Kent Able – Green Springs Bull Test owner.

Although the county ranks in the top 10 in the state in producing meat, able adds there’s problems that occur with the packers they have available.

“Those guys are in business to do a branded product, or a regional product or a processor on beef. Which is great, but it doesn’t help the local producer in our area, or even for that matter, a lot of the local producers in there own areas,” said Able.

So to help combat the issue, the Vernon County Meat Partnership is looking to bring a processing plant to the area.

“If we can get a meat processing plant to come to come to Nevada, Vernon County, that would really help add value to the products that are farmers are currently producing,” said Ben Vickers – Vernon County Economic Developer Director.

But before they can start processing meat in Vernon County, they’re conducting a survey.

“To determine what farmers would be able to put into the plant, and whether or not it needs to just be specifically meat, or if we can also help a local farmers who grow produce,” said Vickers.

If you want to take the survey, you can find it by going to a link on four states home page dot com.

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