NEVADA, Mo. — The annual Vernon County festival, “Bushwhacker Days” officially started in Nevada. The family-friendly festivities kicked off Thursday night with a concert in the Square.

Friday, the quilt show was held as vendors, concessions, and other activities were setting up for the weekend.

“Bushwhacker Days” this year is offering a parade, carnival rides, and many different shows and contests. Those within the community say this festival always brings people together.

“You know, it’s kind of like a big reunion sometimes. You know, sometimes you only see certain people at Bushwhacker Days. Last night I was in the ice-cream truck, and you know, people walk by I see them, that I maybe haven’t seen in months and you know wave at them and they come over and talk to you. You know, I do feel like it is something that brings us together in ways that maybe other things don’t and you know, it is an impact to our community too,” said Erica Skouby, President, Quilt Guild.

Friday night in the town square “Members Only” performed and Saturday night “Shenandoah” will take the stage.

For a full list of this weekend’s activities, you can follow this link here.