JOPLIN, Mo. — With Thursday’s (7/21) high temperature in the triple digits, the Downtown Joplin Alliance made sure to keep “Third Thursday” attendees as cool as possible.

July’s Third Thursday theme was appropriately named “Waterfest.”

To stick with the theme, but more importantly to keep people safe from the dangerous heat, several vendors had water-related activities, including sprinkler hoses, kiddy and doggie pools and a giant blow-up hydrant fountain, provided by the Joplin Fire Department.

Vendors were also handing out free bottles of water and paper fans to cool down the public.

Third Thursday organizers say they’ll continue working with vendors to keep people heat safe during their August event.

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That also includes our four-legged friends.

The theme for next month’s Third Thursday is “The Dog Days of Summer.”

Organizers say they will make sure that pets are also well hydrated.

“We will want to have a lot of water and things like that as well, to keep the pets cool if people choose to bring their pets out so I’d imagine we’ll have some doggie pools and things like that, so you know, just trying to do our best but we want everybody to be sure they’re taking it easy and doing what’s right for their own health issues as well,” said Lori Haun, the Executive Director of Downtown Joplin Alliance.

Indoor events were also held along Main Street Thursday afternoon, so that people could get out of the heat and into some air conditioning comfort.