Vatterott shutters it’s doors leaving students in shock and employees with no benefits, immediately

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(64801) – Joplin News First tipsters started calling us around 4:00 saying their classes were canceled tonight at Vatterott College. And they were closing – for good.

We were unable to reach anyone in the Joplin building by phone. KSN’s Austin Hyslip broke the story this afternoon.


However I have a friend “Elizabeth”, who asked to be unnamed, works full time for Vatterot at another location in Missouri and she told me in a phone call:

It’s true, I just found out today. They told us all at 3:00 and I had to be off the property by 4:00. “

I asked her if she had insurance being full time, what does that look like? “I have insurance I am full time. I will get paid for my hours through today. I’m sure I can cobra for a period of time.”

She tells me this as she reached into her pocket and pulled out the generic form letter she was given before leaving about an hour ago. She read it to me as she read along herself for the first time.

[LONG PAUSE] “Oh wait as I read this letter my health insurance ends today! December 17, 2018! [LONG PAUSE] I was free to immediately collect my belongings and to leave the campus today, I guess I’d better run to the doctor right now if I need anything!”


In an email conversation with Lisa Williamson former Joplin Campus Director, who left the company more than 2 years ago:

ACCSCT [Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges] pulled Northpark’s accreditation (largest campus and it’s located in St. Louis). Joplin was supposed to have their visit two years ago and it’s been postponed … forever at this point.

The way these “type” of schools work is there are several campuses associated with one particular campus for Title IV funding.

Joplin was housed under the Northpark campus. The fact that NP lost their accreditation means no student can apply for FA at any school associated with the NP campus.”

According to their website, Vatterott, which also had campuses in Joplin, Springfield, Kansas City and St. Joseph, had about 500 Missouri employees as of last year.

Any students with questions about the closure process are being asked to email

[letter image included] 

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