JOPLIN, Mo. — A U.S. Representative made their way to Joplin for Memorial Day weekend.

Today Missouri congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Vicky Hartzler was in attendance at Park Plaza Christian Church for its Memorial Day weekend service.

She was invited by several members of the congregation.

Before the service started Hartzler caught up with members and veterans of the church.

“This is a weekend where we honor those who have served our nation and have given the ultimate sacrifice, and it’s just an honor to meet several of the veterans already this morning,” says Hartzler, “One individual here served in the Vietnam War, lost his leg, lost his eye, and it just reminds you that freedom is not free, and that we have to have brave individuals willing to step up and defend those freedoms every generation, and I’m so grateful for those who have served who are here today worshipping.”

During today’s service, the church honored the roughly 30 veterans in attendance.