PARSONS, Kans. — Across the country, you can see signs in the windows saying “we’re hiring” but the problem may not be a labor shortage, it could possibly be a change in the labor market.

Two Southeast Kansans have taken this idea to heart and are looking to help businesses find the help they’re looking for.

“It is essentially revolutionizing the way that employers are able to bring in people to fill their shifts,” said Cole Bowman, MyShift App Co-Founder.

The idea… Uber Eats, but for shifts at a business.

Bowman decided to partner with Scott Morris to create the MyShift app after hearing about the difficulties many businesses have been facing with the labor shortage.

“It’s not that people aren’t willing to work, it’s that people don’t want to commit to a job, and we found that with a MyShift on-demand type gig work app, that people are more willing to come in, make the money, and get paid the next day and move on with no commitments,” said Bowman.

The duo began developing the app last summer and it soon became a family affair when Cole began to test the app at his family’s diner.

“He kind of came to a family gathering and kind of presented the idea and with the times we’re in right now, everybody needing extra help, everybody having a hard time hiring people, seemed like an excellent idea. People are calling in more often and we don’t necessarily need to hire more people onto our staff, we just need help getting through the weekends and the busy shifts and that has filled that void for us,” said Alex Bowman, Nu Grille Manager.

Since it officially launched, the app has seen 5,000 downloads and 1,500 shifters with 500 right here in the Four States.

“Our whole goal was to get businesses back to full capacity. Kansas City will probably be our next market that we truly attack, and then from there we’ll probably work Texas, over to Florida to the Southeast,” said Cole Bowman.