Trump Cruise Night in Carthage

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CARTHAGE, Mo. – Friday, October 23, Trump supporters gathered at Carthage Courthouse Square Historic District for a “Trump Cruise Night.” 

“Please join us for an evening of community and patriotism as we gather to show our support for the re-election of President Donald J. Trump,” states the Facebook event page. 

The event began at 7 p.m., starting with a prayer on the Square, followed by the National Anthem. 

The event featured a competition of “Trumped up” vehicles that drove around the Square, adorned with flags and more. 

“Show off your rig in all its ‘TRUMPED UP GLORY’. Hot rods, motorcycles, pickups, whatever!” states the Facebook event page. 

A panel of judges chose their top three favorites and a grand prize was awarded to the most patriotic vehicle, determined by audience applause. The prize was a Dewalt air inflator provided by Carthage Hardware. 

During the Trump Parade in Joplin on October 17, attendees signed a “Back the Blue” flag. The flag was presented to the Joplin Police Department, but they were not able to accept it. The flag was given away in a drawing at Carthage’s event.  

“I think it’s good for our community, for one, because we’ve got a lot of people that don’t get to come out and really voice what they feel about our country, about our president. So this is the best way to do it, is to come out here and show our support for our president, show support for our county, our state, our nation,” said attendee Tom Nixon. 

Nixon thinks Trump should be reelected because he’s “done everything he said he would do.” 

“That guy’s got a list of accomplishments that he said he would do and he’s done them all. I mean, from Supreme Court justices, to building the wall, to religious freedoms, all of the things that I voted for… He did it,” said Nixon. 

“It’s important if you’re a Christian to vote for Donald Trump, because it will be against abortion and it will also be that a marriage is between a man and a woman. It will also be for your religious freedom and to keep America great for our grandchildren,” said attendee Kelly Heidlage. 

“And we think all lives matter, every life matters. No matter what color. Your life matters and so does mine,” she said. 

Jasper County Republican HQ distributed signs, gear and information at the event. Many downtown businesses remained open to accommodate the public. 

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