A 9-1-1 call is made from the Harps food store and gas station in Carl Junction, after store employees are unable to extinguish a fire that started under the hood of a pick-up truck.

The Carl Junction Fire Department responded to that call at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon (6/13), and found the entire front end a red pick-up truck fully engulfed in flames, and parked next to a gas pump.

Carl Junction Fire Chief, Joe Perkins, said once his crews arrived at the Harps gas station, they immediately pulled a switch which eliminates the possibility of fire from spreading to other gas tanks, and even to the underground gasoline tanks.

H-and-H wrecker showed up to the gas station at Harps Food Stores in Carl Junction, MO to haul away the charred pick-up truck.

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Chief Perkins said it only took crews a few minutes to knock out the fire, which destroyed the front half of the truck.

Chief Perkins explains how the situation unfolded:

“As the driver pushed the gas handle into the tank and started the flow of gasoline into the vehicle, smoke began pouring out from underneath the vehicle. When the driver saw this, he stopped pumping. The billowing smoke also caught the attention of employees inside Harps. At that point, some of them came outside with a fire extinguisher, to try and put out any possible fire. After several attempts, neither the driver of the truck, or employees from Harps could get the vehicle’s hood open to gain access to an area where smoke seemed to be coming from. That’s when flames began to escape through the gap around the truck’s hood. The driver of the flaming truck was asked if he could at least pull it forward and away from the gas pumps. When the vehicle was started, flames shot out from underneath the entire engine compartment, and the blaze really began to take off.”

Joe Perkins – Carl Junction Fire Chief

That was about the time when fire crews from Carl Junction arrived on the scene, Chief Perkins stated.

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Only one person was operating the vehicle at the time of the fire, which caused no injuries.

Approximately 40 minutes after the fire broke out, H-and-H Wrecker showed up to haul away the burnt out truck.