CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kans. — With record-high prices at the pump, gas theft may not be a big problem in your hometown yet, but it may only be a matter of time before it is.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves says now may be a good time to take matters into your own hands to discourage thieves from trying to siphon your gas.

He says you may want to consider investing in a lock for your gas cap. You can find one at pretty much any hardware or auto parts dealer.

“They’re relatively inexpensive, usually anywhere from 11 to 25 bucks. But, when you think about five dollars a gallon, a 20-gallon tank, that’s a hundred bucks loss if you have a full tank of fuel stolen from you. Twenty bucks is worth it,” said Groves.

Other tips include parking in a well-lit location, parking in a place where security cameras are located, and when parking in a store lot, do so away from most other cars. He says vehicles parked closely together provide thieves with cover to hide their actions.