GRAND LAKE — Local anglers are reporting hearing a roaring sound while fishing on Grand Lake.

Maybe the roaring sound is another exaggerated Grand Lake fishing story – but the release of 93,000 Tiger Bass fingerlings is true.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Fisheries released the three-to four-inch-long fish at several locations in Grand Lake, said Micah Holmes, spokesman.

“A Tiger Bass is a hybrid – a cross between a Florida largemouth bass and northern largemouth,” Holmes said. “They have a good survival rate and should make it through Oklahoma winters.”

Most anglers won’t be able to tell a physical difference between a largemouth bass and a Tiger Bass, he said.

“A typical Tiger Bass reaches about 10 pounds,” Holmes said.

Grand Lake is famous for its largemouth bass – that’s why there are so many tournaments on Grand Lake, he said.

These fish will help increase trophy potential at Grand Lake, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Fisheries posted on a social media site.

“I was excited (for the fish release),” said Grove Mayor Ed Trumbull.  “This is fantastic for Grand Lake.”  

Trumbull said the Tiger Bass release was motivated by the Kevin VanDam Foundation.

VanDam is a professional bass fisherman and has netted two major fishing tournament wins on Grand Lake.

Grand Lake is a great bass lake, he said.

“Now Grand Lake will be known as a great bass lake where you might catch a 10-pound bass,” Trumbull said.

Tiger Bass can be aggressive and has a great growth rate, he said.

“People will be catching 6-8-10 pound bass,” Trumbull said.  

Anglers can expect to be hauling in Tiger Bass in Spring 2023.

The $40,000 price tag for the release was financed by the Flying Squirrel Farms which ponied up $10,000 for the project.  Other donors were the Kevin VanDam Foundation, Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation, the Swank Family Foundation, Whiskey Point at Grand Lake, Southstone Construction, and Grove Convention and Tourism Bureau all contributing $5,000.