PITTSBURG, Kans. — Over in Southeast Kansas, they say there’s always something you can do to help out your local animal shelter. Volunteering, fostering, even thrifting can help make a difference in the lives of the pets at the Southeast Kansas Humane Society.

“If you’ve ever been thinking about adding a dog in particular to your household, now is the time, you would be helping many, many shelters by doing that,” said Jasmine Kyle, SEKHS Director.

It’s a familiar sight at animal shelters across the country.

“We are at full capacity. Especially on dogs right now. There is a massive surrendering situation happening nationwide right now.”

But there’s always a way you can help the Southeast Kansas Humane Society. Adopting is one of the best things, and now would be the time to do so — thanks to community support, adoption fees for dogs will be waived June 18th and 19th.

“We are doing this across the board right now, because we have so many people reaching out for the need of intake, and that way maybe we can get some interested adopters in to look at these amazing, amazing dogs that we have.,” Kyle said.

But if you need some time to figure out if it’s the right choice, fostering to adopt is a good option.

“To foster from us, you have to live within 30 miles of our shelter, live within the state of Kansas, and be 18 years or older, and if of course, you rent, we need to check with the landlord, but we support our fosters with everything. They supply the love and time and we’ll supply them with everything else that they need.”

The doors at the Humane Society are always open for donations.

“If you have wet cat food, we would love wet cat food. We go through wet food constantly, kitty litter, puppy formula, anything of those supplies, we would be very, very gracious to have.”

Donations don’t always have to be pet-related either thanks to a unique thrift store in downtown Pittsburg.

“The Doggie Bag Resale Shop, it’s now located at 514 North Broadway here in Pittsburg. It is a resale shop that the community donates items to, from clothing to home decor, to so much more, and 100-percent of those proceeds from that store come out here to these animals. They help pay for vaccinations, medical surgeries, the whole nine yards,” Kyle continued.

But in the end, all it may take is becoming a volunteer.

“Anything little that you have, it goes miles. You can do miracles with animals, even with just an hour of your time, so whether you want to help gardening, whether you want to help socialize animals, whether with cleaning, please reach out to us or your local Humane Society or animal shelter. You can make a difference.”