McDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — A McDonald county floating and camping business is always booked, and it’s not just because of the heat.

Summer is now officially here with high temperatures and high gas prices.

“People like water when it’s hot, and they recognize that the Elk River is a pristine, clean river,” said Drew Daniel, Manager, Big Elk Floats and Camping.

Business for Big Elk Floats and Camping has been increasing with each year.

“We’re a very family-oriented campground and people know that. Come year after year, multiple times a year,” said Daniel.

So far this season, every weekend has been booked and campers started booking trips back in January.

“You know, we drive the business by giving customer service. We drive the business just by having the most beautiful campground on the river. We’re known for our bathrooms to be spotless. We’re very thankful that we have a Water Patrol Division, the State Police that monitor the river, patrol. Our biggest fear is glass. Any glass is not allowed on the river. The Water Patrol does a tremendous job enforcing that law so people don’t get cut, hurt on a broken bottle in the river, that’s important,” said Daniel.

This heat certainly brings folks to the river to cool down, but so could the gas prices.

“We offer a service that, for our regular customers, we have customers that come every weekend, so we have storage facilities for them. They can park their RVs, don’t have to tow them home, don’t have to drive them home, and saves them on gas. We work with our customers because we realize that it’s expensive to fill a gas tank, traveling, pulling a trailer, and getting 5 or 6 miles to the gallon. So, we try to accommodate our people,” said Daniel.

Big Elk Floats and Camping only asks for donations for that service.

Those donations are given to the non-profit Crosslines of McDonald County.