CARTHAGE, Mo. — For 34 years in Carthage it was known as the Powers Museum.

It’s in the process of becoming the Powers Learning Center. The museum shut its doors for good last summer.

The city and the Carthage School District then jumped in to gut the facility and transform it into something that will help students. Specifically juniors.

“What we’re doing is adding a junior program to what we have right now, it’s called Missouri Options for our Seniors Program. Our juniors who are struggling to graduate or prepare themselves to graduate will come here for morning or afternoon, and the other time they’ll actually be taking training classes at the tech center. I think the biggest issue is just changing from a museum to an educational facility. All the internet, technology we have to have compared to what they had, a lot of changes,” said Dr. Mark Baker, Carthage Superintendent.

The goal is to have the learning center open and ready by the start of the new school year which is August 22nd.