The Neosho Police Department is upgrading its radio system

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NEOSHO, Mo. — The City of Neosho is upgrading its radio system.

“Communication is our most vital tool,” said Lieutenant Mike Sharp of the Neosho Police Dept.

The Neosho Police Department is expanding its radio system. Tuesday night, Neosho City Council approved entering into an agreement with Motorola.

“It will help us with communications if we have some kind of event that would require the use of public works, fire, and police, Newton County, Missouri Highway Patrol. It will help us to reach out to each other through the use of the radio instead of having to use cell phones,” said Lt. Sharp.

The company will be adding six more frequencies to the existing MoSWIN tower site in Neosho. This will help police, fire, and public works respond to disasters.

“In some events like cell towers get clogged with an overabundance of calls. This basically allows us to communicate in car to car radio communication centers,” added Lt. Sharp.

The city has been working on the upgrades for the past three years. The agreement will cost the city more than $427,000.

“By being afforded the opportunity to do this we are going to have the same communications of what we had 15 years ago. Between the different entities. The switch from analog to digital part of that process has been lost and now we are going to gain that back,” said Neosho City Manager David Kennedy.

The city is saving $1.4 million by expanding the MoSWIN system instead of adding two new tower sites.

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