PITTSBURG, Kan. — The Pittsburg Public Library was buzzing with a program aimed at helping local gardeners.

This afternoon the library held its first adult program since 2019 called “Planting for Pollinators.”

Today a horticulture agent with the K-State Research and Extension Wildcat District taught the group how to support pollinators like bees around your garden.

It’s the first adult program the library has hosted since 2019.

“Bees are responsible for quite a large percentage of our food supply. We want to make sure we have enough bees to adequately pollinate our gardens. Especially if you are growing things like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. Other fruiting vegetables that have to have pollination in order to produce the parts of the plant that we eat,” said Jesse Gilmore, Horticulture agent with K-State Research and Extension Wildcat District.

To attract pollinators Gilmore suggests planting purple, blue and yellow plants close together and make sure you have a water source close by.

The library is offering a new book called “100 plants to feed the bees,” which was recently donated by the Wildcat District.

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