JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Former Jasper County Circuit Court Judge, David Dally has died. He passed away last night surrounded by his family.

He had been retired since 2016 — but still served on a limited basis as a senior judge. Dally spent more than four decades in the local legal system. He was an Assistant Prosecutor, Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney and, up until his retirement, Judge.

The man he hired nearly 30 years ago as his Assistant Prosecutor is Dean Dankelson, who followed Dally’s career path by succeeding him twice. First as Prosecuting Attorney and then as Judge.

“He’s such a great man who really cared about Jasper County, really cared about the folks here and the justice system, and trying to help those who needed help and keep safe those who needed to be kept safe. I will miss his booming voice, his big laugh, his great sense of humor, but mostly I’m going to miss how he treated people, ’cause he just was, he was the best,” remembers Dean Dankelson, JASCO Circuit Court Judge.

David Dally leaves behind a wife, 2 adult children, and a number of grandchildren.

He was 73-years old.