FRANKLIN, Ks. — People are getting a look at the history behind one Southeast Kansas community.

The Miner’s Hall Museum has opened its second quarterly exhibit titled “Little Balkans Coal Camp – Arma.”

Before it was incorporated in 1909, Arma was formerly known as Rust, Armiton and Armacost.

The exhibit will feature three presentations over three months.

They will feature stories of Arma, its French cookies and the history behind the longest held WWII homecoming.

“I’ve lived in Arma 47 years, and now I live in the country. I’ve learned a lot, it was a booming town,” says Christie Parrish, Exhibit Host, “All the different countries came together in kind of a melting pot. We tried to put up a lot of the advertisements, a lot of the businesses.”
Anyone with artifacts, stories or photos of arma over the years is invited to donate or loan them to the exhibit.

To do so you can contact the miner’s hall museum over the phone at (620) 347-4220 or through email