PITTSBURG, Ks. — The city of Pittsburg is looking for volunteers.

The city has begun its lead and copper sampling program.

The study is done once every three year and its required by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

To complete the program the city is required to collect water samples from 30 residences, but the city would like to collect 100 different residences to build a database for future reference.

“We’re asking for volunteers from the public to sign up to help us collect those samples. Our staff will prepare the sampling kit for them and we just need them to take the sample from their faucet and prepare it and our staff will come back and pick it up so that KDHE can keep track and monitor our water system,” says Matt Bacon, Pittsburg Director of Public Works and Utilities.

Bacon says the city has not had a problem with lead and copper concentration in the past, but still asks residents to take part in the program, including those who live the older parts of town.

Applications can be found using this link.