CARTHAGE, Mo. — Carthage school construction is winding down on the latest project – just in time to start something new.

A big overhaul for a building that is more than half a century old.

“So people that walked through the front doors, they’re definitely not going to recognize what they knew as North,” said Gage Tillers, Carthage Tech Center.

It’s taking a building that dates back to 1965 and reimaging it for the 21st century.

“So we’ve been able to open that up and kind of create a student commons area. To better serve you know, that adult population, better office space restrooms, those were very outdated,”

Plus a new area for testing and licensing.

The renovation event shuffles who goes to class in the building, with the North Tech Center set to serve as strictly adult education for the Carthage area.

“It’ll all be adult, all workforce training, specialized training. You know, we’ve got a current Practical Nursing Program, hope to expand some things in the medical field. And then some things in the manufacturing production realm as well.”

Technology gets a big update with the remodel and there’s still more to come.

“Hopefully the back of the building, what a lot of people would know as, one time, the Ag shop – we’ll be able to better utilize that space as classroom space to better serve students,” added Tillers.

Crews hope to finish off the punch list in the next week or two. That would allow the school district to move into the new space during spring break.