JOPLIN, Mo. — You’re probably happy you won’t see your property tax bill for a couple more months.
But the numbers on the statement could be changing — with cities, counties, and school districts all holding tax hearings this month.

“We have a tax rate hearing every year,” said Kerry Sachetta, Joplin Schools Supt.

The Joplin School District is looking specifically at its property tax levy.

“There will be no difference in the overall tax bill for Joplin School District patrons. The overall tax rate and the levy will be 366.”

The state of Missouri requires that school districts, counties, and cities hold a tax levy hearing every year. Which means the tax rate can change.

“We can’t establish new property taxes. Those would have to be approved by the voters. We can only set what the levy is for what’s already been authorized. And again, there is a maximum amount that was authorized by the voters and it can never be more than that,” said Leslie Haase, Joplin Finance Dir.

What can affect the levy are factors like inflation – how much your car, truck, or home is worth. Also, new construction means the taxing entity collects more revenue. And the state Hancock Amendment also comes into play. It limits to no more than five percent any increase not approved by voters.

“Yes, so the State Auditor’s Office has a pro forma calculation based on those, the assessed valuation last year. So that growth in assessed valuation along with the maximum authorized levy and the CPI and it’s just plugged into that formula and it tells you what you have to set your rates at,” she said.

For the City of Joplin, the primary tax levy that benefits parks, the health department, and solid waste collections won’t change.

“The library’s rate is increasing slightly .0006 cents, which actually for $100,000 home is 11 cents,” said Haase.

All Missouri taxing entities must hold that property tax levy hearings by the end of the month.