JOPLIN, Mo. — If you haven’t already taken care of your taxes, time is running out.

The 15th of April is traditionally the deadline for filing, but this year it’s on Monday of next week, the 18th.

If worse comes to worst, Joplin C.P.A. Patrick Kelly says you can always file for an extension, which will give you more time to get them finished.

“The extension is automatic, that means the IRS doesn’t have to approve it, if you file the form 4868 then they have to grant you an extension of 6 months out to October 15th, that extends the time to file without penalty, it does not extend the time to pay without penalty,” said Patrick Kelly, C.P.A., Owner, Joplin Tax Service.

Kelly says you can file for an extension either electronically by the 18th, or by mail, but the letter must be postmarked no later than midnight of that date.