CARTHAGE, Mo. — Time is up for you to fill out the state-form listing property you own in Missouri.

March 1st is the deadline to submit the report to your county assessor.

It lists everything from cars and trucks to boats and planes.

If you missed the filing, you’re now subject to a penalty which could range from $10 to $105. The Jasper County Assessor says you should still fill out the paperwork.

“If they mailed it, or think they mailed it, and are just not sure they can call in and we’ll doublecheck to see if we’ve received it or not. If they have not sent it in or can’t find one, we ask that they visit the office and fill it out there or go online to assess,” said Lisa Perry, Jasper County Assesor.

We’ve got a link to the Jasper County Assessor’s website here.