MISSOURI — Trends for unemployment numbers are staying low in Missouri. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone looking for a new job.

Pam Regan with the Missouri Job Center says there are nearly 156,000 openings throughout Missouri.

“Numbers from March are showing that unemployment in the southwest region is at 3.2% and statewide is at 3.6,” said Regan.

Regan adds there are 10,000 job openings in the southwest region.

“For potential employees you pretty much have your pick of where you want to go to work. If you get that resume done correctly and you interview well. At Job-a-Palooza for instance we had one person leave with five different job opportunities and had to go home and pick which one he wanted to take,” Regan added.

She suggests those looking for a new career should focus on things a potential company can offer.

“Salary isn’t everything. Look at those benefits. What does their insurance look like? What does the culture look like? Because you can make a ton of money and if you hate going to your job everyday it’s really not worth it. Look at the culture look at those benefits. What does the insurance policies look like? What does the paid time-off look like? All of those things should play a factor in the job you select,” she said.

She has been seeing more people interested in part-time work post pandemic. They are also seeing job requirements dropping.

“Several of them are not looking as much as a high school diplomas anymore. The work experience is sometimes two years, but they are now more flexible,” Regan added.

Next Wednesday the center is hosting a job fair in Monett.

To see more programs they offer you can follow this link here.