JAY, Okla. – A Delaware County man raised his voice and lashed out with curse words defending himself Wednesday during his testimony in a child sexual abuse case.

“You don’t want to listen,” and “I don’t like you,” Kevin Swager said in an aggressive manner at various times when cross-examined by Laura DeYoung.

Kevin Wayne Swager, 31, of Rose, is charged in Delaware County District Court with child sexual abuse and child abuse, both felonies.

District Judge Barry Denney admonished Swager after several outbursts.

Swager also referred to a woman’s menstruation cycle in a demeaning manner saying, “women’s periods are … horrible,” when questioned by DeYoung about the victim’s onset of puberty.

Swager was defiant when questioned by DeYoung about his interview with Delaware County Deputy Capt. Brandon Houston.

Swager testified that his confession to Houston was a lie.

In a raised voice Swager said, “I gave him (Houston) what he was asking, even though it wasn’t the truth. I lied when I said I touched her – I wanted out of that room.”

“I wanted out of that room,” Swager said when questioned by his attorney Georgia Duffield. “I have a problem with small rooms.”

Swager testified he “shut down the moment he (Houston) started talking.”

“I wanted to tell him (Houston) that I didn’t do anything to that girl,” Swager said.

Swager said he admitted to touching the victim because of Houston’s remarks implying Swager was guilty.

After Swager’s interview with Houston ended, Swager said he was ready to die and went on a five-day hunger and water strike.

“A friend talked me out of it and said I need to fight,” Swager said.

A somber Swager told Duffield, “I have lost my home and my wife and kids.”

Swager also testified when questioned by Duffield about being as a child being on Social Security Disability and taking medication for mental health issues, growing up in Picher and being in special education classes, and his abusive father.

“I felt neglected, Swager said about his father. “I hated him. Every time I said ‘hate’ he would hit me. “

“I remember all the bad times and I wanted my life to be different than my history was,” Swager said.

 Swager said he had suicidal tendencies in April 2021 and was seen at Grove Integris Hospital and later at a mental hospital.

Swager is also charged in Ottawa County District Court with child sexual abuse.

The jury began deliberations around 1 p.m.