JOPLIN, Mo. — A dent or ding in your car that you can’t ignore means it’s time to head to the body shop, but how fast it gets fixed may take longer than you hope.

Supply chain issues are leading to weeks and weeks of waiting for many drivers.

Dana Snodgrass with Snodgrass Collision Center says it could take months in some cases. Other repairs have a quick turnaround but it’s different in every case.

“Ask them what kind of car they have and what type of damage do you have. If it’s a fast-moving part, you’re fine. If it’s a part they have to make at the factory or whatever, it’s not happening. You’re going to have to wait. We have a delivery van here right now that we’ve been waiting for about four months for a part, and they can’t even give me a ship date,” said Snodgrass.

Snodgrass points to computer chips for vehicles as especially hard to find, although he believes that availability may be starting to improve.