JOPLIN, Mo. — An area medical expert is discussing the most common health issues experienced in the summertime.

Dr. Namrata Susarla with Freeman Health System discussed the most-experienced summertime health issues.

One of the biggest health concerns is too much sun and heat exposure, and how your daily medications could be playing a role in that.

“The most concerned population are my patients who are elderly. When I say elderly, it’s about 65, and who are on a group of medicines called diuretics. Diuretics are medicines, the pills, that will make you pee water or make you urinate water. We generally give them to people who have swelling or edema because of heart failure, or liver failure. Conditions like that. So what happens is, because of the dehydration, they tend to pee a lot of water. And this causes them to have dehydration,” said Dr. Namrata Susarla, M.D. Freeman Health System.

Tick bites are another concern for this time of year. Lucky for us though, Dr. Susarla says Lyme Disease is not that common in the Four States.

“Make sure that you are wearing long sleeves and long pants. Use insect repellents. Insect repellants that have chemicals like DEET, you can spray that over your skin. If you’re using both sunscreen and an insect repellent, first apply the sunscreen and then do the insect repellant,” said Dr. Susarla.

Those who spend time outside gardening or hiking should keep an eye out for Poison Ivy.

“The best way to treat them is to, um, avoid them, avoid coming in contact with them. Try to avoid those plants, try to recognize those plants which can cause poison ivy,” said Dr. Susarla.

In the summertime, bacteria is another priority concern for swimming and eating.

“Not to go into the swimming pools if they have any cuts, open wounds, or open injuries, to try and avoid going into the public pools. Not to go into the pools if you have any diarrhea or any other infection. It’s important to take a shower before you go into the pool and take a shower after you come out of the pool,” said Dr. Susarla.