McDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Hundreds of boxes were dropped off at five different schools in McDonald County Tuesday. It’s all part of the “Summer Journey” curriculum as teachers prepare for summer school. Remediation classes will be offered as usual, but the “Summer Journey” supplies allow for additional fun, hands-on learning opportunities.

There are courses like Driver’s Ed and Personal Finance for the high school level, while the elementary level has outdoor learning activities and even working with drones.

Staff want summer school to be educational, but also incorporate some summer fun with things like field trips, ice cream parties, and picnics.

“Since it’s such a hands-on program there are a lot of supplies. Everything from cotton balls and colored pencils, to pretty sophisticated electronics. And all points in between. Driver’s Ed steering wheel in the boxes, so all kinds of things,” said Angie Brewer, McDonald County High School Principal.

The curriculum is funded through “Average Daily Attendance Dollars” during summer school, so it’s free for the students.

And there’s an incentive — every student that attends every day – otherwise known as “perfect attendance” – will receive a $100 gift card.