Students partner with Art Feeds to create a community mural

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — Students grab paint brushes and markers in Central Park to create a community mural.

H.E.R.E. 4 Carthage partnered with Art Feeds today to make a sign for the new community garden.

25 kindergarten through fifth grade students learned about murals, how they tell a story to the community, and how to create a theme for the mural.

Then, students worked on their own drawings for the garden.

H.E.R.E 4 Carthage focuses on healthy eating and giving the community more access to produce.

So what better way to get kids involved in healthy eating than letting them design a piece for the community garden.

Meg Bourne, Founder of Art Feeds, says, “To be working with H.E.R.E. 4 Carthage, that focuses on kids getting out and moving and doing it in a park. It’s beautiful here today. We are outside. It’s going to be wonderful. And then we get to go inside and really explore our creativity on the mobile art center. It’s wonderful.”

Chanti Beckham, H.E.R.E. 4 Carthage Grant Manager, adds, “It’s really fun to work with them because that is the next generation. We’d like to raise them up as healthy as we possibly can.”

All of the drawings completed by the students today will be put together by Art feeds to create one cohesive community garden sign.

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